Brazilian Minibots

image1 (49)

I love collecting minibot variants. The figures from Brazil are especially colorful.

A company called Estrela manufactured and released these minibots in Brazil.

These figures were split into 2 series. The first series was known as “Robocar” while the second series is referred to as the “Optimus vs Malignus” series.

The first series had traditional card art and contained versions of Windcharger (Camaro), Brawn (Jipe), Cliffjumper (Carrera), Bumblebee (Volks), Gears (Pick-Up) and Bumblejumper (Sedan) in both regular and repainted color schemes. The second series, Optimus vs Malignus was divided into good and evil factions. Optimus being analogous to the Autobots while Malignus was the Brazilian version of the Decepticons. Depending on what faction a particular minibot was part of, they had a distinct faction symbol.



Here for your viewing pleasure is the complete collection of Estrela’s famed minibots.




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