Hero Gangu AKA Transformers Heaven

So there is a place in Japan that is whispered about in the Transformers community. It’s often called “Transformers Heaven” by those in the know. It’s a store in Den Den Town Osaka called Hero Gangu.

image2 (13)

This is a massive store, and much of the second floor is dedicated to Transformers. If you get the chance to go Transformers hunting in Japan, Hero Gangu is among the best there is.

The collection of transformers at Hero Gangu is extensive and runs from vintage to new.


image3 (2)

To get to the store, take the Osaka Municipal Subway to the Nipponbashi station. It’s then a seven or eight block walk.

The first floor of Hero Gangu houses only new toys. On this floor you can find TakaraTomy’s newest releases.

The second floor is where the magic happens. This floor is devoted to toys from the 1960s onward. A large statue of Optimus Prime greats customers as they enter.

The Transformers section literally has everything.


From Diaclone to G1 to Armada to CHUG and Masterpiece. Whatever you’re looking for, Hero Gangu has it.


This store also has a very impressive collection of third party and custom Transformers. And as a special treat for its Japanese customers, the store carries American IDW Transformers comic books as well as toys from the American Botcon and Transformers Collectors Club. For a marked-up price of course.

image4 (2)

In addition to the comic books, the store has a nice collection of Transformers books and fanzines.

It also carries kits from Kabaya and Seven.

While Hero Gangu is Transformers heaven, it carries much more than just Transformers. The store also has large aisles dedicated to Super Sentai (like Ultra Man and Power Rangers), Hot Toys actions figures, Chogokin, Gundam, Go-Bots, and an enormous amount of vinyl figures.


image1 (45)

If you ever get Osaka, Hero Gangu is an absolute must visit.



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