Gestalt Dreaming

Takara announced that it is going to release Grand Galvatron as part of its Unite Warriors line (the Japanese version of Combiner Wars) as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive.

Cyclonus visits the grave of his former master Galvatron. In doing so, he inadvertantly gives Galvatron’s spirit the chance to take over Cyclonus’s body (probably due to their intertwined origin from being created together by Unicron). As one, the two travel to the Triple Z Point, hoping that Unicron will create a new body (Grand Galvatron) for the spirit of the former Decepticon leader to inhabit. Unicron is dubious of their scheme as he has had trouble controlling Galvatron before, so he gives one of his own. Unicron summons three malicious Transformers spirits from across the multiverse (Prime Breakdown, IDW Roller, and Armada Thrust) and gives them new bodies instead of Galvatron so that they can combine with Cyclonus to form a new Galvatron. The final limb is created from Starscream’s ghost when he shows up begging to be included as he too needs a new body. Unlike the others; however, Starscream’s new body is purposefully stuck in a half-dead form to assure his continued cooperation and loyalty.

With his new troops, Unicron sends the six to conquer Cybertron, but Galvatron again defies his old master, and the Decepticons set out to conquer Cybertron in Grand Galvatron’s name. No wonder Unicron has such trust issues.

comic (1)__scaled_600

comic (2)__scaled_600

comic (3)__scaled_600

comic (4)__scaled_600

Takara has continually used western storylines in strange and unique ways, and I am thrilled with how they are using combiner wars molds to make new and exciting additions to the Transformers mythos.  This has got me wondering what other combiner exclusives Takara could release. As you may have noticed from my site, I’m not really a fan of the mainstream characters being used over and over again. Thankfully, Takara has already made Japanese exclusive gestalt combiners in the past. An update of any of those cool characters would be welcomed by me. A prime candidate for such an update would be Battle Gaia!

Battle Gaia was introduced in 1992 by Takara’s Operation Combination toyline and fiction. A repaint of the original Bruticus, he led the Decepticon invasion force under orders from Scrash. His character to subsequently reused by Takara in their Transformers United EX story in 2012, and he was part of the Decepticon armada that attacked Metroplex in 2013’s MetroWars comic. So Battle Gaia’s character is still relevant in the minds of Japan’s hardcore Transformers fanbase (as small as it is).

image1 (31)

Of course another prime candidate is Battle Gaia’s main rival Guard City.

image1 (32)

Guard City was also introduced in Operation Combination, and he is a recolor of Defensor.

Both Battle Gaia and Guard City are what is known as a Free-Combiner where the individual robots making up their limbs enjoy a certain level of autonomy. This allows the limbs to consciously rearrange themselves to suit specific situations.

So will Takara make updates to either of these characters, or will they make another unique combiner out of left field? Will they make any more combiners at all, since that gimmick appears to be falling to the wayside in favor of the headmaster play pattern returning? Who knows? It’s uncertain if we’ll get any more cool exclusive combiners out of Takara any time soon, but a guy can dream…

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