Rocket Base

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The largest Transformers toy sold by Hasbro in 1989 was the Rocket Base packaged with its pilot Countdown.

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The Japanese market released an identical version of the Rocket Base a year later, and it included the Micromaster Rescue Patrol Team with the base as an added incentive.

Hasbro released other mini Micromaster bases (referred to as stations) and divided them up equally as being aligned to the Autobots or  the Decepticons.

In Japan, all of the Micromaster stations were sold and marketed as Autobot instillations to better interact with Rocket Base. These stations also helped flesh out the Autobot colony they would portray in their fiction.

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image1 (29)In the summer of 1990, Takara released a single episode of Transformers Zone on video. Zone shows the Rocket Base headquartered in the cybertronian colony located on planet Micro. The Rocket Base is commanded by Moonradar (Countdown) but it is piloted by Rabbicrater. The two seem to share responsibility for the instillation and its inhabitants. Rabbicrater was never released by Hasbro, and was only sold by Takara along with a copy of the Zone episode. His figure is pictured in my collection: he’s the little blue Micromaster standing between the boxed Lucky Draw Black Tracks and the white Legends Class “Kids Walk” Safety  Prime. As are all Micromasters, Rabbicrater is tiny, but he can go for large sums of money due to his rarity.

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The Japanese and Italian exclusive figure Galaxy Shuttle was designed to be able to rest on the launching pad of Rocket Base in the place of Rabbicrater’s normal “galaxy rocket.”



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Takara reused the Rocket Base mold in 2000 as the final toy released for their Microman LED Powers line. This version was redecoed in black, silver, green, and gold. Oficially called the L-26 Micro Rocket Base with Shining Edison, it is fully compatible with Micromasters and other Micromaster bases.


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File:RabbicraterModel.jpgIn the Dreamwave G1 continuity, Countdown was one of several Autobots assigned to Operation: Containment. An Aerospace Commander, Countdown had volunteered for the prototype Micromaster process which downsized him as a means for conserving fuel. Something the Maximals would also do many years later. Countdown had dreams of creating an interplanetary force to halt the spread of Decepticon terror and to better other worlds in the galaxy. Again, poor Rabbicrater is woefully absent from Hasbro’s fiction.

It’s unlikely that Rocket Base will show up in IDW’s comic books any time soon as (spoilers!) Countdown was killed by a personality tick infestation in an issue of More Than Meets The Eye. Hey… that does leave an opening for Rabbicrater to finally get his due. Come on IDW! Put Rabbicrater in charge of the Rocket Base in your comic continuity. Do it!

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