Vector Sigma


The “mega-computer” Vector Sigma has been described as device which gave all Transformers life. Vector Sigma resides in a spherical chamber deep within the planet Cybertron. Its origins are disputed between continuities; however, upon being activated it pronounces that before Cybertron existed, it did.

In the Japanese Generations One cartoon, it was explained that Vector Sigma began life as “the Oracle”, an ape-like Primitive robot created by the ancient genius, Primacron. The Oracle possessed the power to bring robotic beings to life, and hence played an important role in Primacron’s experiments. Those experiments, however, eventually resulted in the creation of Unicron, who turned on his creator and destroyed the Oracle’s body in the course of his attack.


The Covenant of Primus explains that Vector Sigma is an artificial intelligence capable of interfacing completely with the systems of Primus and the structures created above him. He served the original Primes as a repository, and Alpha Trion said that Vector Sigma was so close to being alive that the Thirteen Primes couldn’t say if he actually was or not.

image1-20Vector Sigma was first offered as a toy at the 2007 official Transformers convention in North America known as Botcon. A hollow plastic sphere packaged with a removable Circuit Key and a clear “hovering effect” display stand, Vector Sigma was a special souvenir item created by and offered as an officially licensed product.

image2-6 Vector Sigmas was featured in Train Wars 2. He was represented as being a golden repaint of Micro Change Meteor Robo Metal Man, transforming from a sphere into a humanoid robot. He may or may not have a keychain attached to his back.

In this incarnation, Vector Sigma was the target of the Fallen, one of the original Thirteen Primes originally named Megatronus. The Fallen was well acquainted with the power of Vector Sigma having utilized it when he was employed by Primus. 


It is interesting that Takara decided to depict Vector Sigma as being a Micro Change mold. Micro Change was a subline of Takara’s successful New Microman line of the early ’80s, which consisted of 3.75″ action figures that were super-posable and vehicles and robots for use by them. Takara has never made an official Vector Sigma toy, but one can assume that if they do, Takara would create it using the Micro Change Metal Man mold as depicted in their fiction.

This of course wouldn’t be the first time Takara has used the Micro Change Meteor Robo molds a Transformers line. In their robot modes, these figures look comparable to the Soundwave and Blaster’s cassettes, but instead of changing into cassettes, they change into little metallic balls. Takara has re-released them as key chains in brightly colored transparent plastic instead of their original diecast metal as part of the toylines for both Beast Wars II and Kiss Players. One can only hope that a future golden Vector Sigma release of Meteor Robo Metal Man would be constructed of diecast instead of plastic.


There was also a Vector Sigma released with the exclusive Hasbro Asia re-release of the Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime. It contained a hollow plastic Vector Sigma, a removable Circuit Key and a cardboard stand. 

In an attempt to harness the power of Vector Sigma, the Quintessons constructed a shell program called the Oracle. Using the Oracle to control Vector Sigma, the Quintessons allegedly fed Optimus Primal the visions and information necessary to orchestrate the technorganic reformatting of Cybertron, believing that it would leave the Cybertronians weak and disoriented, opening the planet up to an easy conquest. The Quintessons also used the Oracle as an opportunity to entrap some of the remaining cybertronians roaming on Cybertron. The Predacon villain Cryotek witnessed the Quintessons trapping the Mutants using this technique. 


Vector Sigma apparently recovered from the damage inflicted by the Quintessons.

In the Beast Wars Neo cartoon thousands of years into the future, long after Cybertron had been restored, Vector Sigma appeared to be in charge of the planet, handing down orders via the Convoy Council. It was under Vector Sigma’s orders that Big Convoy was removed from solo warrior duty and placed in charge of a group of unruly Maximal new recruits.

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