TransTech and Immorticon

Around the year 2000, Hasbro was trying to devise a successor for their Beast Machines toyline to hit stores toward the end of 2001. They started the process of developing a new franchise called TransTech. The concept featured cybertron-like vehicles that in many cases had animal-like sculpts and deco. TransScream

Hasbro used a company based in Toronto, Canada called Draxhall Jump to develope the premise and basic designs for the toy line. Hasbro had experienced prior success with this model when Draxhall Jump created the aforementioned Beast Machines.

Draxhall Jump decided to reuse some character that had been used in Beast Machines including Cheetor, Silverbolt, Blackarachnia, Rattrap, and Nightscream.

Interestingly, TransTech would have also featured returning G1 characters Optimus Prime, Starscream, and Shockwave.


At least one new character would have been created for TransTech… the indomitable villian known as Immorticon!


I’ve included Draxhall Jump’s original artwork/design for Immorticon for convenience.

Immorticon would have transformed into a blue or green tank with an orange or yellow head.

image1 (9)





Unfortunately for many fans, Hasbro decided to abandon the TransTech line while it was still in the design stage. Hasbro simply went another direction and imported Takara’s Car Robots toy line that was renamed for the American Market as Robots in Disguise. This was undoubtedly a most cost effective decision on Hasbro’s part as Takara had already developed the toys and the media for Car Robots on their own.

All was not lost however, because Immorticon’s design was reused by Draxhall Jump in the ToyBiz line of MegaMorphs for the Incredible Hulk.

image1 (30)

Now sporting a darker green and purple with a head design that more resembles the Hulk, you can still see how the original Immorticon design heavily influenced the MegaMorphs final product.

image1 (10) image2

For those of us excited by the TransTech designs, happily the Official Transformers Collectors Club brought the designs back with their Transtech (the second T is not an uppercase in Club fiction) storyline. In this story, Immorticon finally officially becomes a Transformer as as a Predacon on an alternate Cybertron where the aging Decepticons constructed them as a new army to fight the endless Great War.

image1 (11)

Immorticon became a disciple of Shattered Glass Alpha Trion, a sage and evil mastermind who promised to help Immorticon and his comrades to get back to their home dimension.

image1 (12)

Hopefully we’ll eventually get a figure of Immorticon. Until then, many of us (including myself) have had to make due with ToyBiz’s MegaMorph Hulk who is based on Draxhall Jump’s original Immorticon design.

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