Sonic Assault Team

The Sonic Assault Team is a triumvirate of mini-cons who specialize in guerrilla warfare. The team consists of Combusta (leader), Falcia, and Twirl.

SonicAssault Interestingly, the Sonic Assault Team is an all fembot unit.

Their fiction takes place in the Armada universe, though they were never featured on the television series or in the comic books.

image2 (1)Combusta is the leader of the team, and she keeps the quick tempered Falcia constrained and defends the flighty Twirl from touble.

Their decos consist mainly of pink, purple, and white with smatterings of blue here and there. The translucent plastic on Twirl and Falcia give those figures a unique and somewhat feminine aesthetic.

image1 (15)

Combusta, Falcia, and Twirl were all sold separately. They were only available for sale with the first printing of the Micron Densetsu DVDs.

image2 (2)

These exclusive mini-cons were part of the “Linkage” campaign and story line. The Linkage is a dimension formed from the minds and souls of all “free” mini-cons. It is similar to the Allspark but not the same. In the Armada universe mini-cons do not have sparks.

image2 (5)

Linkage was depicted by a comic book series that usually consisted of three pages each and came with the individual mini-cons in their corresponding DVDs. The series featured three teams of heroic mini-cons including the Sonic Assault Team fighting for freedom from Decepticon enslavement while two teams of evil mini-cons look to do Unicron’s bidding.

The entire series was written, drawn, inked, colored and lettered by long-time Japanese fan-turned-pro Hirofumi Ichikawa. The stories were eventually translated to English by American fan Doug Dlin.

image1 (16)

image2 (3)


As you can see from “Part 7” of the Linkage saga, Twirl is sometimes referred to as Falcia’s baby… something that royally pisses Falcia off. Ah, family.

These mini-cons are extremely rare and can go for a robust amount of money each. If you’re in the market for these, it can be a painfully long process waiting for some to come up for sale. Since these figures were only sold with the first printing of the Micron Densetsu DVDs, only a very limited number were ever made of each. I spent the whole year of 2004 trying to collect the entire run of Linkage which consists of 15 figures. I didn’t complete my quest until 2011. I bothered Andrew Hall at every Botcon for years looking for a Combusta. I’ve been lucky enough to pick up extras along the way for most of the figures to keep a second in box.

image1 (17)

Twirl has been featured in Western media via the Transformers Legends mobile game for Apple and Android devices. Interestingly, she was depicted as being a Decepticon in this continuity though she retained the flighty, fun loving and carefree demeanor that she had in Linkage. It’s possible that this version of Twirl’s boss (Flamewar) forcibly reprogrammed Twirl from an Autobot to a Decepticon.


I realize that collecting mini-cons is not for everyone. There are too damn many of them, and exclusives like these can burn a huge hole in your wallet. However, if you have the desire, the money and the patience, I highly recommend these figures.

image2 (4)


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