Mexican Bumblebee

Mexican Transformer minibot variants manufactured by Plasticos IGA are highly sought after by some collectors. Here we’ve got a white Bumblebee with a red face. Interestingly, there was a white Cliffjumper with a red face also produced, though I have never seen the Cliffjumper in person.

image1 (20)

Plasticos IGA was a Mexican company that held the license to manufacture and sell Transformers toys in Mexico and Central America in the early 1980s.

There is a theory that this particular Mexican minibot variant was a Mexican store exclusive; though, I am unsure where this theory originated.

image2 (7)

The thing that attracted me most to this figure was how majestic his red face looked against the white body. It simply pops!


Being an IGA release, the quality of this figure is not as good as the ones released in the United States by Hasbro. The plastic feels thinner, and the whole figure has an air of fragility.

However, it is an amazing figure even with these drawbacks.

The markings on Mexican minibots are always marked as Hasbro despite the fact that they were designed and produced by IGA.

image3 (1)

I personally love the collection of minibots produced by IGA. It is thought that out of all of the versions produced, some still haven’t been revealed on social media.

image1 (21)

You would be excused if you confused this white Bumblebee with the eHobby GoBot Bug Bite. Both are white, but the shades of white are different and one is an Autobot while the other wears the Decepticon sigil.


I personally like to call this Bumblebee version “Mex.”

For an unknown reason, Mexican minibots were also sold in Europe. So it is not uncommon for this figure to occasionally turns up for sale-especially in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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