Magnificus is a Decepticon who may or may not be a clone of Perceptor. The box includes two figures, and it celebrates the shared history of Takara’s Transformers and Microman lines.

image1 (2)

An e-HOBBY exclusive deco of the Perceptor mold, Magnificus transforms into a working microscope as well as a tank that Microman figures can ride. This toy was originally designed to work with the Microman figures. Magnificus’ coloration is based on the mold’s original pre-Transformers Microman colors.


His character was a military strategist who was framed by other Decepticons in a bid to get rid of him.

He came with his partner Ga’mede.

Ga’mede was saved by Magnificus just as he was going to be executed in a family power struggle. Apparently he’s from a subatomic kingdom which Ga’mede’s family party ruled.

His mold uses a Microman body, and Ga’mede is described as being extremely loyal to Magnificus for saving his life as he has sworn to help Magnificus get revenge against the Decepticons who framed him.

Magnificus’ most powerful piece of technology is  his matter-enlarging scope which is capable of actually pulling microscopic objects through it and increasing their size.

Interestingly, a version of Magnificus exists in the Animated universe. He was revealed in the Animated Allspark Almanac II. MagnificusAnimated

Magnificus and Ga’mede were sold together exclusively through the e-Hobby website in Asia.

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